“Killer view” at Eagle Scout “work of art”

A local hiker emails his appreciation of Noah Gorski’s Eagle Scout project…

“I hope this is the correct Troop but I just had to find the Boy Scout that built the privy up at upper Doelle lake in the North Cascades.
This is the second time I had been up there and it rained on us the entire time. The sun had just came out and I decided to go see what kind of Privy I would be using. Most of them are not nice J To my surprise I find this work of art with a killer view of the cascades. It was so cool. Anyhow if you could let him know that hikers do really appreciate these especially when they are not on the beaten path! Thank you!!!”

Noah Gorski's Eagle Project

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One comment on ““Killer view” at Eagle Scout “work of art”
  1. Steve says:

    The person that sent the ‘thank you’ for installing the privy would probably be interested in more of the story. Please forward them this link:


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